Equipment manufacturing: integration into the high - end intelligence

National Bureau of Statistics data show that in the first half, China equipment manufacturing industry growth rate continues to outperform industrial growth, an increase of 8.1%, accounting for above-scale industrial added value accounted for 32.6%. The rapid development of the equipment manufacturing industry and the improvement of the industrial structure mean that the industrial structure is optimized. "China industry is transitioning from the middle stage of industrialization to the latter stage. The leading industry has also shifted from heavy chemical industry to high-tech and high-level manufacturing industry, especially high-end equipment manufacturing Industry. "State Council Development Research Center, Ministry of Industry and Economy researcher Xu Zhaoyuan said.

High-end equipment manufacturing industry eye-catching performance. According to CCID Consulting Equipment Industry Research Center, Zhang Long, general manager of high-end equipment division introduced in the first half, high-end equipment manufacturing industry was medium and high growth, general aviation, satellite navigation, industrial robots three areas of output maintained a growth of more than 15% . Industrial robots and general aviation to become the two leading industries, satellite navigation and rail traffic growth is relatively stable, while the marine engineering equipment is actively reverse the industry last year, the rapid decline in the momentum. As of the end of 2015, China high-end equipment manufacturing industry sales revenue has more than 6 trillion yuan, accounting for the proportion of the entire equipment manufacturing industry reached 15%, successfully completed the "high-end equipment manufacturing industry," Twelfth Five-Year Plan "proposed goals and is expected to Reaching 25% by 2020.

The report shows that the first half of China equipment manufacturing industry structural adjustment and optimization effect is obvious, and performance is closely related to the transformation and upgrading of electronic equipment, automotive and electrical machinery manufacturing industry a strong growth momentum, production and sales and efficiency growth are maintained High, led to the industry overall boom of the recovery, and with excess capacity and pollution related to ordinary agricultural equipment, petrochemical equipment and other industrial growth slowed. Overall, intelligent, green, to service transformation of high-end equipment manufacturing industry development is better, while the traditional equipment manufacturing industry is struggling to form a clear differentiation.

The reason for the formation of this differentiation, the Chinese Institute of Electronic Information Industry Development Institute of Equipment Industry Zuo Shiquan that from the demand side, the equipment manufacturing industry is the production and living tools, traditional industries need to upgrade new, high-end equipment manufacturing Products, this demand also stimulated the upgrading of equipment manufacturing, and traditional equipment manufacturing products also difficult to adapt to industry transformation and upgrading needs; from the supply side, information technology and equipment manufacturing industry integration is further deepening, equipment manufacturing products become More intelligent, machine and machine, machine and the collaboration between the escalating technology to promote the equipment manufacturing industry upgrade and development.

Zhang Long analysis, in recent years under the guidance of national policy, China high-end equipment manufacturing industry in the core technology research has made a major breakthrough, high-speed EMU, domestic large aircraft, UHV power transmission and other core technologies have reached the world leading Level. But in contrast, the basic raw materials, key parts manufacturing, software control systems and other basic manufacturing fields with the international advanced level there is a big gap.

In the first half, in the high-end equipment manufacturing industry policy, China has launched a robot, high-end CNC machine tools and other fields, including the "thirteen five" special plan for the next five years pointed out the focus of the development direction. In terms of market, China successfully established China Aviation Engine Group to integrate the core resources of domestic engine manufacturing. In terms of technology, China rail transportation industry continued to make efforts for the first time in the world to realize the planned operation of 420MW intersection And re-operation, once again to create a "world first" to consolidate the leading position of China high-speed rail technology; "going out", the field of investment and financing of robots and mergers and acquisitions continue to which the United States and Yasukawa Electric Group joint venture set up two Home robot subsidiary and the acquisition of the United States and the United States Group KUKA robot two events the most eye-catching, indicating that China equipment manufacturing enterprises are actively implementing the "going out", and international leading enterprises to speed up the core competitiveness and industry influence.

The traditional equipment manufacturing industry overcapacity situation is difficult to be effectively improved in a short time, need to focus on quality and efficiency, through the improvement of manufacturing processes, optimize the production process, thereby reducing production costs and energy consumption, enhance value-added products, strive to enter Industry leading enterprises supply chain.

"Made in China 2025" emphasizes high-end CNC machine tools and robots, aerospace equipment, marine engineering equipment, rail transportation equipment and other high-end equipment manufacturing to technological breakthroughs, and equipment manufacturing industry to the intelligent, green change Trend, all-round description of China high-end equipment manufacturing industry development line. Planning also stressed the need to attach importance to the "four basic" development, enhance the manufacturing base capacity. Thus, China equipment manufacturing industry in the traditional and high-end two areas go hand in hand.

"It is necessary to increase investment through research and investment to ensure that the breakthroughs in cutting-edge technology, but also to promote the transformation and upgrading of existing enterprises, by strengthening the integration of the rectification out of a number of backward production capacity and improve China equipment manufacturing lower limit. , The future level of China equipment manufacturing industry will be the overall upgrade, especially in the traditional equipment manufacturing industry, the pace of transformation and upgrading to catch up with high-end equipment manufacturing industry, the development rate of differentiation should also be less and less obvious, Manufacturing power "to" manufacturing power "changes.