Valve products to help thermal power nuclear power equipment localization speed

Breakdown of China high-end technology products, 100 million kilowatts super (super) critical units and nuclear power unit is definitely star in recent years. At home, one million kilowatts of super (super) critical units, nuclear power units in the scale of construction in the world, and frequently out of the country, gains a big one, a national export of new business cards. So, the current universal valve products in the large-scale thermal power nuclear power localization and play what role? With questions, China Industrial News reporter recently interviewed China General Machinery Industry Association (hereinafter referred to as "in the Association"), Hu Xiaofeng, general secretary of the Pump Branch and the Secretary-General of the branch of the Association of Song Yinli valve.

In this case,

Thermal power localization speed

"In recent years, with the unit of large-scale, clean trend, 600,000 kilowatts, 100 million kilowatts super (super) critical units gradually become the main thermal power units, thermal power unit parameters, performance and output has all the world first . "

According to incomplete statistics, during the "Twelfth Five-Year Plan" period, with the national policy of stimulating domestic demand and the introduction of relevant departments require major equipment localization of the voice of the strong, pump, valve industry enterprises also continue to increase scientific research. Pump, valve manufacturing enterprises in the relevant state departments and users under the strong support of the political and industrial research with a combination of models for a number of major national projects complete sets of equipment to meet the needs of users, developed a number of pumps, valves Class products, effectively promoted China 1 million kilowatts super (super) critical thermal power units and other major equipment localization.

Hu Xiaofeng, secretary general of Zhongtong Pumping Branch, said that in the aspect of thermal power generation, the key enterprises of the pump industry, such as Shengu Group Nuclear Power Pump Co., Ltd., Shanghai Energy Equipment Co., Ltd., Shanghai Kaiquanyuan Pump Co., And other state-owned enterprises and some joint-stock enterprises have been able to 600MW supercritical, ultra-supercritical unit manufacturing boiler feed water pumps, condensate pumps, circulating water pumps, 1000MW of ultra-supercritical water treatment plant, Supercritical steam-driven pumps have been operating in power plants. Including boiler feed water pump localization rate has reached more than 70%.

In the flue gas desulfurization, the Shenyang First Water Pump Co., Ltd. as the representative of some enterprises for the 1000MW thermal power plant flue gas desulfurization slurry pump with supporting production, production of ceramic bushing slurry pump life has exceeded the foreign Imported products.

In the association through the valve industry branch secretary-general Song Yili told the China industry newspaper reporter, innovation is the core power of enterprise development, the valve industry backbone enterprises in thermal power technology innovation has done a greater effort.

Such as Henan Kaifeng high-pressure valve Co., Ltd. participated in the National Energy Board "super (super) critical thermal power unit key valve localization" project, completed a total of seven prototype research and development tasks; Jiangsu supernatural Valve Co., The critical power plant feed water pump turbine exhaust butterfly valve in the Huaneng Power Plant, Datang Power Plant has been successfully applied; Shanghai Valve Factory Co., Ltd. participated in the National Energy Bureau "super (super) critical thermal power unit valve localization" project, developed The ultra-supercritical thermal power station reheat and superheater safety valve through the National Energy Board identification, and Wanzhou power plant and Jurong power plant get good use, won the user praise; Harbin Power Station Valve Co., Ltd. in the super (ultra) Critical product research work made new progress; in the nuclear Soviet Valve Technology Industry Co., Ltd. R & D super (super) critical thermal power units with a number of key valves through the localization of the prototype acceptance; China Power Construction Group Shanghai Energy Equipment Co., "Completed during the 1000MW class (50% capacity) ultra-supercritical thermal power unit FK6A40-type boiler feed pump localization, and through the National Energy Board and the Association for product identification, to fill the gaps.

Nuclear power to a new level

With the world second AP1000 nuclear power unit --- Haiyang nuclear power unit 1, the first main pump is completed, "Hualong one "The first self-made main pump pump shell forgings are also recently completed, marking the localization of China nuclear power equipment has stepped onto a new level.

June 26, 2014, Hainan nuclear power plant to complete the first acceptance of the main pump, which is China nuclear equipment in the final battle of the main battle made another major achievement.

The main pump known as the heart of nuclear power plants, master the main pump has been the core technology of China nuclear power manufacturing dream. In September 2009, Hainan Nuclear Power Company and Shanghai Electric signed the Changjiang four main pump supply contract, opened the main pump manufacturing domestically battle of the prelude. Although the first main pump in the design, manufacture, testing process, there have been many difficulties, but to participate in all aspects of the difficulties are not discouraged, coherent, to solve a series of problems, and ultimately bite the next hard bone.

Up to now, in the nuclear power generation, from the introduction of technology to independent research and development, 1000MW nuclear power unit supporting the pump products in addition to the main pump, the nuclear two, three pumps have 100% to produce. The localization rate of nuclear power pumps by the Lingao nuclear power plant less than 4%, has now increased to 85%.

Hu Xiaofeng said that in the relevant state departments concerned with the help of pump manufacturers through the political and industrial research with a combination of "second Five Year Plan" 25 research projects, in addition to AP1000, CAP1400 nuclear power pump is about to complete, the remaining projects have been Developed and delivered to use, and reached the international level of similar products, there are some products have been imported.

For example, the key technology of CAP1400 main pump developed by ShenGuan Group Nuclear Power Pump Co., Ltd under the condition of multi-constraint, such as optimization design, safety and reliability analysis and evaluation, advanced manufacture of main pump prototype and test of main motor of shielded motor Some progress has been made in the project. China first AP1000 and CAP1400 test circuit have been adopted for the completion of the localization of the main pump test of nuclear power has laid a firm foundation. On Haikaiquan Pump (Group) Co., Ltd. completed the development of one million kilowatts of nuclear power units, and for the nuclear pump with new thermal shock test stand, high-precision closed test bed, large-scale water testing center three leading domestic and world level Of the test platform to enhance the competitiveness of the company existing products, and promote the Group product upgrading and transformation and development. Shanghai Apollo Machinery Co., Ltd. has become the major supplier of seawater circulating pumps for domestic one million kilowatt nuclear power plants. China Power Construction Group Shanghai Energy Equipment Co., Ltd. independent research and development supporting the Pakistan Chashma nuclear power 340MW unit of the conventional island of the main pump group put into operation; developed the first domestic AP1000 nuclear power plant conventional pump feed pump front pump victory delivery. Shandong Changzhi Pump Co., Ltd. has successfully developed the nuclear three-level fire pump, fire pump and high temperature (100 ℃) radioactive warm water and seawater pit pump, which are used in Pakistan Karachi K2 / K3 megawatts nuclear power project. Fire Regulator System (including electrical). Dalian Deep Blue Pump Co., Ltd. is currently under way Hualong nuclear power plant with the development of sixteen pumps.

Song Yinli pointed out that the valve industry pay more attention to new product development, in the field of nuclear power to obtain a major breakthrough. Shanghai Valve Factory Co., Ltd. successfully developed millions of nuclear power plant main steam safety valve and regulator safety valve, and through the user acceptance. Dalian High Valve Co., Ltd. has developed a large number of new nuclear power products, covering nuclear one, two nuclear, three valves a variety of varieties. Nuclear Science and Technology Co., Ltd. Su valve in the nuclear power plant with key research and development of prototype valves to fill gaps in the domestic many times. The company also achieved success in research and development of key valves for nuclear fuel vacuum valves and enriched uranium production, high vacuum pressure valves, electric / manual torpedo vacuum valves, electric / manual drum vacuum valves and high vacuum pressure control valves. The valve has been basically achieved domestically, the overall performance of products meet or exceed the level of imported products, a dedicated nuclear fuel for the backbone of the valve manufacturing enterprises.

Jiangsu Mitac Valve Co., Ltd. built the Jiangsu Provincial Nuclear Valve Engineering Technology Research Center, Jiangsu Enterprise Technology Center, the Jiangsu Provincial Key Laboratory of nuclear power valves, national post-doctoral research station and other scientific and technological innovation platform. Nuclear power project in China with a series of international tender in the tender, access to these nuclear power projects have been tender nuclear-grade butterfly valve, nuclear ball valve of all orders to achieve a comprehensive domestic product of these two types of products. Commissioned by the National Energy Board commissioned the development of the "third-generation nuclear power plant with nuclear safety-class butterfly valve" and other products for the prototype technical appraisal.

In summary, China has preliminarily possessed the capability of manufacturing nuclear island equipment, conventional island and related equipment for one million kilowatt nuclear power stations, but it has advanced capabilities in foreign trade such as design technology, calculation software, project management, equipment supply, There is a big gap between the levels. Therefore, on the basis of introducing, digesting and absorbing, China will speed up the development of the design, development and manufacture of nuclear power equipment in China and realize the goal of independent and localized nuclear power equipment manufacturing in China.