Aerospace Science and Technology Institute of the six capture of the valve world - wide problem of conquering the world problems

Recently, six 11 by China Aerospace Science and Technology Corporation of Shenhua group special valve checked and become the only one in the world can be in strong acid medium 160 degrees under extreme operating conditions the use of valves, reached the international advanced level.

The valves used in extracting alumina from fly ash system of industrialization. This system should be used in a large number of valves to control the acid medium, requires valve with high temperature HCL corrosion and erosion resistance, is a worldwide problem, has been restricting acid extraction of alumina production system development.

Through research, 11, six overcome by extracting alumina from fly ash processing system using key technologies such as high temperature valves. It is understood that the pinch valve to the conveyor containing granules, powders, fibres, sticky slurry wear and corrosive substances have unique advantages of solid and liquid, in the mining and metals industry, mineral processing, pulp and paper industry, chemical industry, energy industry has a wide range of applications. Successful development of the valve will solve extracting alumina from fly ash used in industrial systems specifications and uses the control valve needs and a solid basis for industrial production.